September 29, 2020

Clean Air Day is coming. So is winter, but Clean Air Day is a much happier thing. Let’s focus on that.  

Why is a day promoting the need to reduce air pollution “a happy thing” 

For one thing it is ubitricity’s next FREECHARGE event – where drivers can charge for free 

Another reason is a big part of the solution to air pollution is coming of age: electric vehicles 

The young EV market is maturing fast.   

Model choice is increasing. So is range. Prices are falling and, if Elon’s push to cut battery costs works as he hopes, could fall much further, much faster. And charging is getting easier. For everyone.  

Easy charging = more EVs and fewer ICEs 

The last change – easier charging – is easily missed. But it is crucial factor for many people – in particular, the 40% of British households without off-street parking, or Street Parkers – when weighing up whether now is the right time for theto switch to an EV.  

Companies that sell and lease EVs tell us that when Street Parkers discover there are good value public chargers on their doorstep, these drivers are far more likely to choose electric.  

On the flipside, if charging looks difficult, they say many drivers will get another ICE (internal combustion engine) and think about it again in a few years when they next change their car.  

Just take a look at these two comments from the UK EV Drivers forum on Facebook.  

Easy charging now exists in many neighbourhoods 

There’s still a lot to do to bring charge points to Britain’s streets. New research shows 90% of Street Parker households don’t have a public charger in walking distance of their homes. 

But there’s a lot of progress too. A growing number of neighbourhoods are very well served today!  

Just take a look at this area near Clapham Common in London. The households in these 20 streets now have 124 public charge points on their doorstep. 


How charged up is your neighbourhood? 

The good people of Clapham are not alone. Take a look at our map and you’ll find many streets lined with ubitricity EV charge points.  

And that’s why ubitricity is holding another FREECHARGE event for Clean Air Day:  

To encourage people to take a closer look at their neighbourhooddiscover their local charge point, and think again about an EV as their next car. 

In the process, those who have already switched to EV get the reward of a free charge.  

We’re encouraging councils to share the good news of the work they’re doing to make charging electric cars easy for all their residents. 

Because every resident – Street Parkers and their drivewayed neighbours – benefits from cleaner air when someone swaps a combustion car for an electric one.  

Can’t find a charge point nearby? Get your street charged up 

The chances are pretty high – 90% on average – that there isn’t a charge point in walking distance of your home.  

Let’s fix that.  

Have read of this guide to getting your council to put in charge points for you and your neighbours.